We've done a horrible job of keeping things updated, but there is lots to say! Remember that old post back in February of 2012 about a Chili Cook-Off? Well, I met a guy there... fast forward 2 years, we got married... 2 years after that, we've added a little a guy to the mix, and many years later, our family has grown even more! What started as my little "Change the World" project, quite literally changed my world! ... and all for the better!

The monthly change donations continued and have helped to support great causes like: University High School, Tyler's Dam That Cancer and The Flatwater Foundation, CASA of Travis County, The Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive, Caritas, Manos De Cristo, Texas THON, Texas Advocacy Project, Teen and Family Services and so many more! The COVID-19 Pandemic, transformed us from a cash only business, so the change payments are fewer and far between, so our means of giving back has changed a bit.

We look forward to continuing this "sweet" act of service, and hope it brings awareness to various groups doing good things for our community! Oh, and we'll try to be better about updating and letting y'all know where we're involved in the community. While we can't honor all requests, we welcome you to reach out to snobeachatx@gmail.com with any donation requests.