The Beginning

Crammed in an old rickety van between a driver and a relative stranger (we'd known each other for about 33 hours at this point), straddling the gear shifter, piecing together broken spanish and the driver's broken english, on dirt roads through the jungles of Argentina, I found myself thinking about how I could make a difference. It was 2008, I had recently graduated from college with a degree I was no longer interested in, and wI as trying to figure things out. I found myself on a TOMS shoe drop, totally embracing their One for One Movement, riding the high (in maybe a little too idealistic kind of way), that yes, one person can change the world.

Well, 3.5 years later, I'm in a position to make a difference. After taking on the role as a small business owner I have felt a responsibility. I've been blessed beyond belief. Every single morning I wake up and am still in awe that this is my life.

I racked my brain for how sno-cones could make a difference... I couldn't really figure a way to incorporate "One for One," I mean seriously, donating a sno-cone to someone in need doesn't exactly work. While it would cool them off, it's not going to provide much nutritional value.

Then one night in the shower (the best place to think) it hit me. Customers often come with a handful of change (we're talking pennies, nickels, and dimes... maybe a few fifty cent pieces every once in a while) and apologize as they count out their change, I always said no need to apologize, money's money. Yes change is annoying. It weighs down your purse, if you drop it on the ground you don't always pick it up, especially if it's not heads-up, and that jingle in your pocket isn't always welcome, but... it does add up!

From that moment on "Change the World" was born in my head. Every time some one pays with change we throw it in a bag. At the end of the month I take the change to the bank to have it counted, and we pick a philanthropy or charity to donate it to. So far we've contributed to the Japan Disaster Relief, the Helping Hand Home for Children (closest to my heart), and A Glimmer of Hope

It's surprising how quickly change adds up. The suspense of waiting a few days for the bags of change to be counted and deposited is the excitement of my month. I seriously check my account hourly in hopes that the magic number will soon appear. Then seeing the look on some one's face as I hand them a check and explain where it came from... my heart explodes with joy! A little change can go a long way. Nothing is too insignificant.

Hopefully this will catch on and we can get other businesses to join in this little movement... maybe all the food trailers in Austin?!?! Dream Big right?